"At Camp Wojtyla I had the most incredible experiences rock climbing, alpine hiking, and attending Mass in the serenity of God’s creation. The brotherhood that took place at camp was incredible, truly sharpening me as a man of God. The staff that was present at the camp was amazing, truly seeking to serve the campers for the glory of God. I can truly say the work done at Camp Wojtyla has significantly impacted my life in the direction of holiness and brought me a deeper love for God."

 "Camp Wojtyla took me away from every day life and gave me the opportunity to do things I've never done like summiting a mountain, rock climbing, and white-water rafting. Camp not only gave me a sense of courage and strength in myself, it gave me long-lasting friendships with young Catholic women who want the same thing I do: a friendship with Jesus Christ. Every morning, I woke up to God's beautiful Creation and that was enough to remind me how much he truly loves us. Camp Wojtyla was incredible and I will never forget it." 


"In my opinion, Camp Wojtyla was the best thing I did all summer, or all year. If you're looking to bond with an amazing group of guys and counselors; come to this camp. I personally had a religious experience that I'll never forget, and I made  friendships within my group that will last a lifetime. The experience of Camp as a whole made memories that I'll never forget, and I'm positive that I'll be coming back next year!"