Parents Page

Welcome to the Parents page!  First, as the Camp Wojtyla Directors, let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Annie and Scott Powell. We are committed to serving you and your children.  We know all too well the challenges that parents face in raising their kids in today's tough culture.  Camp Wojtyla is here to be a strong and memorable link in their faith life.  It may be the link that opens their eyes for the first time or for the deepening experience they so desperately need.  For many, Camp Wojtyla is the link campers crave each summer because it becomes their foundation of genuine Christ-centered friendships as well as authentic personal and spiritual growth. Of course, faith begins in the home.  What better way to prepare to send your kids out into the world than sending them to Camp Wojtyla?  At Camp Wojtyla, each participant learns responsibility, leadership, reliance on God and others, and experiences a variety of new activities designed to bring out the best in each camper.  Thank you for all you do as parents and for choosing Camp Wojtyla for your child!


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