Named after Saint John Paul II, who loved to minster to young people in the outdoors, Camp Wojtyla (pronounced voy-tee-wa)  is a Catholic Adventure program located on 1200 pristine acres of wilderness in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. We believe that adventure experiences can be one of the most powerful tools for self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth.  Climbing up a 13,000 foot mountain, our students learn perseverance, teamwork and experience first hand God's glorious creation amidst breathtaking views.  

Everything at Camp Wojtyla is intentially designed to bring out the best in each camper---and bring each person into a closer relationship with God.  We believe that this then empowers each camper to grow in their relationships with others (known as interpersonal skills, being a “person for others”), within themselves (intrapersonal awareness, growing in virtue) and with the created world.  Here, we sleep in Teepees, not cabins, as a Teepee allow one to hear the sounds of nature and view amazing starry nights.  Each day has a variety of adventure activities designed to challenge, empower and encourage each student to be the man or woman of God that he was created to be.